New Year’s Eve in Prague in the Czech Republic – Part 2

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Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is divided by the Vltava River. Nicknamed “the city of a hundred spires”, it is known for the Old Town Square in the heart of its historic centre, with colourful baroque buildings, Gothic churches and the medieval Astronomical Clock, which gives a live show every hour. Completed in 1402, the pedestrian-only Charles Bridge is surrounded by statues of Catholic saints.

Where to stay in Prague – Czech Republic

To begin with, you need to understand a little about how the city is structured. It is divided into 22 districts, which are called Prague 1, Prague 2, Prague 3, etc. The historic part and its main attractions are located in districts 1 to 8. In turn, each district is subdivided into neighbourhoods.

The best accommodation option for tourists is undoubtedly the district of Prague 1.

Located inside the historic centre, where the main postcards of the city are located, a good part of the district is listed by UNESCO as a Cultural Heritage of Humanity. And the best, you can visit them on foot!

Staré Mesto or Old Town
Staré Mesto means “Old Town” and this is where most of Prague’s tourist attractions are located, being the heart of Prague 1.

Nové Mesto / New City
Another good option on where to stay in Prague is the Nové Mesto neighbourhood or “New City”, which is brand new. This region was created by Charles IV in 1348! Most of it is located in the Prague 1 district, but another part is located in the Prague 2 district.

Attractions include the National Museum of the Czech Republic, Wenceslas Square, the Dancing House and the impressive Vyšehrad National Cultural Monument. Nové Mesto is also in a very central area, easy to get around and with great options for hotels and hostels.

Malá Strana or Lower Town
Malá Strana or “Lower Town”, divided between the districts of Prague 1 and Prague 5, is the neighbourhood located between Charles Bridge (Charles Bridge) and Prague Castle, two of the most famous and visited tourist attractions in the city.

Despite being a little further away than the others, the region is chosen by many as the best option to stay in Prague, with several hotels, inns, hostels and all the tourist infrastructure.

In addition, those staying in the neighbourhood are close to the Cathedral of San Vito, Petrín Park, the wall dedicated to John Lennon and the numerous fairs with typical foods and beers. Nightlife is also lively, as in the Old Town.

Hradčany is the district located on the outskirts of Prague Castle, divided between Prague 1 and Prague 6 districts.

The region, despite being much more residential, is home to several tourist attractions such as parks, the Prague Zoo, the Planetarium, the National Gallery and the Rock Opera concert hall. In addition to tranquillity, the main advantage of staying in Hradčany is the much lower prices than in other neighbourhoods.

Where to eat in Prague – Czech Republic

The most typical dish in Prague is goulash in its many varieties. The base is a meat stew with vegetables.

Czech cuisine is mainly based on pork and, to a lesser extent, chicken and beef. Recipes are also made with the meat of other animals, although the Czech Republic is not the best destination for fish fans.

The most typical dish in Prague is goulash in its various variants. The base is a beef stew with vegetables.

Typical Prague dishes
These are some of the typical dishes that can be found in restaurants:

Kulajda: Creamy soup made from mashed potatoes, mushrooms and sour milk.
Knedlíky: Balls of flour made from potato or breadcrumbs.
Chlebicky: Small canapés of different ingredients.
Utopenec: Sausages macerated with peppers and fried onions.
Bramborák: Fried tortillas made from potatoes, eggs, flour, onions and other ingredients.
Šopský salát: Salad of tomato, cucumber, onion, pepper and white cheese.
Tlačenka: Boar’s head with onion and bread.
Pražská šunka: Prague ham.
Chocroute: Fermented cabbage.
Kolache: Cake filled with fruit compote.
Vánočka: Traditional bread similar to brioche that is prepared at Christmas.
Goulash: A dish made from beef, onion, peppers and pepper.
Slivovice: Plum juice alcoholic drink.
Palačinky: Crepe filled with ice cream, baked fruit or jam.

Beer in Prague
Beer fans planning to visit Prague are sure to enjoy the trip, as they can be found in almost any bar or restaurant.

The best-known commercial beer is Pilsner Urquell, but many establishments in Prague brew their own beer, so variety is guaranteed.

Where to go and What to do in Prague – Czech Republic

zones and districts
Staré Mesto
Mala Strana
Nové Město

Although Prague is a museum in its own right, there are some must-visits you can’t miss.

Where to go and What to do in Prague – Czech Republic

zones and districts
Staré Mesto
Mala Strana
Nové Město

Although Prague is a museum in its own right, there are some must-visits you can’t miss.


Monuments and tourist attractions

Discover Prague’s most interesting monuments and must-see tourist attractions if you travel to the Czech capital.

Stare Mesto Zone (Old Town)
Astronomical Clock
Charles Bridge
Powder Tower
Old Town Square
Municipal House

Malá Strana Zone (Small Town)
Church of St. Nicholas

Hradčany zone
Prague castle
St. Vitus Cathedral
Rua do Ouro
Strahov Monastery

Nové Město Zone (New Town)
Wenceslas Square

Josefov Zone (Jewish Quarter)
Jewish Cemetery
Prague synagogues


In Prague, you will find a large number of interesting museums that are worth visiting.

National museum
Museum of Communism
Mucha Museum

Other museums and galleries
Prague City Museum
National Technical Museum
Museum of Arts and Skills
W.A. Mozart Museum
Naprstek Museum
Antonin Dvořák Museum
Franz Kafka Exhibition
Toy Museum
wax Museum
Kampa Museum
Bedrich Smetana Museum
Museum of Medieval Torture
Prague Jewish Museum

parks and gardens

Although its historic and busiest streets are not highlighted by their greenery, in Prague we can find many parks and gardens to relax.

Mount Petřin
Kampa Park
Vrtba garden

other gardens
Garden of Valdštejn
Franciscan Garden
Kinsky Garden
Letna Park


In Prague, you can find nightlife every day of the week, especially from Thursday to Saturday.

Bars, pubs, clubs, cabarets and jazz clubs make Prague one of the liveliest cities in Central Europe.

Main zones
Although everywhere is less than a 20-minute walk away, we can divide Prague’s nightlife into three zones.

Charles Bridge
On the east bank of the Vltava River, next to Charles Bridge, are some of Prague’s top bars and clubs. Due to their location, these are the liveliest places throughout the week, as the public is, for the most part, tourists.

Zlaty Strom Bar & Music Club
Hotel, bar and nightclub, Zlaty Strom (Karlova 187/6) is an ideal place to start the night. The place is divided into several environments, ranging from sitting rooms to a bar where stripteases take place continuously – something quite common in Prague.

Karlovy Lazne
Karlovy Lazne (Smetanovo nábřeží 198) is one of the biggest clubs in Central Europe. It has five floors with different musical styles and is one of the places where you can find a lively atmosphere every night. Inside is the Ice Bar, a bar made of ice at a temperature of -6ºC.

Wenceslas Square
In addition to being the nerve centre for clubs and cabarets, on Wenceslas Square, you can find some of the best nightclubs in Prague. In this region, there are also concert halls such as Lucerne.

Two floors, a large terrace and a special decoration make the Duplex (Václavské náměstí 831/21) the “coolest” nightclub in Prague. If you prefer to go during the day, you can visit the bar and restaurant.

Nebe (Václavské náměstí 56) is a lively place that can be defined as a mix between bar and disco. It is very close to the National Museum in Prague.

Surroundings of the Old Town Square
In the various streets that lead to Praça da Cidade Velha, it is possible to find several bars and clubs. Some streets popular with locals are Dlouhá, Michalská and Melantrichova.

Dlouhá Street
On Dlouhá Street you can find several very lively places. We give two different examples: Bombay Bar (Dlouhá 13) has an “after work” environment to have a quiet drink, and Harleys Bar (Dlouhá 18), with a more alternative crowd and lively waiters.

Roxy (Dlouhá 33) is one of the oldest and most famous rooms in Prague. Although it usually functions as a nightclub, it also hosts concerts and other events. On Mondays, there are usually ballads and Roxy is a good option.

Melantrichova Street and Michalská Street
In these streets, you will find bars like Double Trouble (Melantrichova 970/17) and clubs like Temple (Michalská 29), places frequented by very young people and mostly Czechs. Located inside a church, the Temple is one of the most curious places in Prague.

to take into account
Although everyone already knows, it is important to remember that the typical drink in Prague is beer. If you want to drink something else we suggest a cocktail.
In bars and clubs where you have to pay admission, the price varies between 50 and 200 crowns.
Nowhere do they usually require a special dress code. However, in clubs like Duplex, people tend to go well dressed.

Tours and Tours:

Prague castle
Old Town Square and Jewish Quarter
Astronomical Clock Tower
Legends and Ghosts Walking Tour
Prague Pub Crawl and International Party
Kutná Hora and Bone Chapel Tour
Mozart dinner
World War II tour
Terezin’s Monument
Tourist Cruise on the Vltava River
Mini-Golf in the Dark
Tour Beers and Taverns

Places we visited:

Typical sweet
Dancing House
Prague night
Charles Bridge
New Year’s Eve
Hradčany zone
Prague castle
St. Vitus Cathedral
Gold Street
Strahov Monastery
Useful tips from Prague

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