Quartieri Spagnoli, Trattoria da Nennella, Sweets of Naples, Italy – Part 5

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Naples is known worldwide for its history, its music, its natural charms and for being the birthplace of pizza. The historic centre of Naples is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Where to stay in Naples, Italy

Historic centre
The area is full of hotels of the most varied prices and styles. Many tourists prefer to stay in the central region because of the facility it offers: a large number of restaurants, bars, shops, squares, churches and also because of the proximity to the main tourist attractions in the city. Choosing to stay in the historic centre of Naples is choosing to venture into a neighbourhood that has more than three thousand years of life, full of people and very noisy, but full of beautiful surprises.

Close to the city’s most famous square, Piazza del Plebiscito, Chiaia is a popular neighbourhood for those visiting Naples, as it is located close to the historic centre and public transport, but without sheltering that hustle and bustle of people and noise. Extending towards the sea, the area is a safe place to walk, even at night, as it is surrounded by pizzerias and restaurants that stay open until dawn. Like its central neighbour, Chiaia has good options for hotels and apartments for rent.

Saint Lucia
If you are looking for accommodation with a beautiful view, Santa Lucia is your place. Known as lungomare, the seaside region is part of the neighbourhood, and is a show apart with its Mediterranean atmosphere. One of the most famous tourist attractions, Castel dell’Ovo, is located in Saint Lucia, which also has good restaurants and hotels. It is a safe and busy area, where you can eat and walk around without using any transport other than your feet.

You have to take a funicular to reach the neighbourhood, located on top of a hill. As a residential area, don’t expect to find an abundance of shops and restaurants, but there is a tranquillity that can’t be enjoyed in the downtown neighbourhoods. Wide streets, 20th-century buildings, good cafes, views of the city and the Tyrrhenian Sea make Vomero a great place to stay. It’s a very safe area to walk around, even at night.

Where to eat in Naples, Italy

The best-known dishes of Neapolitan and Italian cuisine, in general, are pizza and pasta. However, the cuisine of Naples has much more to offer its visitors.

Neapolitan cuisine is characterized by the abundance of fish and seafood from the Tyrrhenian Sea, although it also has a wide variety of cereals and vegetables, two ingredients used in delicious pasta dishes.

Typical dishes from Naples
Marine pizza: made with tomato, olive oil, garlic and oregano, it is the most typical pizza in Naples.
Pizza marguerita: simple but delicious, pizza marguerita is prepared with fresh grated tomatoes, mozzarella, basil and olive oil.
Fried pizza: born in old Naples as a cheap alternative for the citizens who could not afford to eat the baked pizza. You can find it at some restaurants or takeout stands.
Neapolitan Ragú: this typical sauce can be used as an accompaniment to different types of pasta and is made with beef, ham, sausage, tomato sauce and vegetables that are cooked over a slow fire.
Sfogliatella: This traditional sweet is made with several layers of puff pastry filled with ricotta cream cheese.
Pastiera: sweet and smooth pie with ricotta and candied fruit.
Nanny: This spongy, baked sweet is usually bathed in rum, although it can also be made with limoncello.
Limoncello: originally from Naples and the Amalfi Coast, limoncello has a sweet and bitter taste in the right measure; something that makes it one of the best known and most loved liqueurs in the entire world.
Neapolitan coffee: typical Naples coffees are small and full-bodied, with a characteristic, intense, toasty flavor.

In Naples, it is possible to eat well for very little and you will have no difficulty finding restaurants that offer the local cuisine throughout the city.

If you are interested in tasting the fish in the area, we recommend that you look for a restaurant on the seafront promenade, specifically on Via Partenope. Another recommended option would be the Borgo Marinari (behind the Castelo do Ovo), an area a little more touristy, with higher prices but charming.

For pizza, we recommend Via dei Tribunali and Spaccanapoli, two of the main roads in the city.

Where to go and what to do in Naples, Italy

Naples represents southern Italy well: a vibrant city, full of life, people, history and natural beauty. The third largest city in Italy sometimes doesn’t enchant you at first sight, but stay a few days in the city and you’ll definitely come back delighted. The city that claims to be the inventor of pizza, according to them, the best in the world.

National Archaeological Museum of Naples
Vesuvius in Naples
Royal Palace in Naples
San Paolo Stadium in Naples
Wineries in Naples
Umberto I Gallery
Piazza Cardinale
Naples Cathedral
Castel dell’Ovo
Piazza del Plebiscito
Basilica of San Francesco di Paola
port of naples
Basilica of San Lorenzo Maggiore
Galleria Principe
Capodimonte Museum

Tours and Tours

Pompeii and Vesuvius
Amalfi coast
Sorrento, Positano and Amalfi
Underground entrance
Capri Island and Blue Grotto
Pizza and pasta class

Places we visit:

Quartieri Spagnoli
Nenella’s Trattoria
Sweets from Naples, Italy

Our pictures:

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